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The chemistry top talents community and scholarships are an initiative of Holland Chemistry. Our purpose? Get more students excited about studying chemistry / chemistry technology and increase the flow of qualified chemists to the industry. Because the chemical industry offers an enormous number of opportunities and career opportunities. Moreover, you can make a difference in making the society more sustainable. The challenge which the industry is now facing. Registration for participation in the chemistry top talent community is possible in the period from 3 June to 12 August 2019.

Register companies

The VNCI is looking for companies who want to join the chemistry top talents community. The registration period for companies is from 8 April to 1 August 2019. The VNCI has awarded 97 chemistry scholarships to top students, 29 companies participated and 11 universities.! This is the chance to introduce top students to your company and to establish intensive contact with all the universities in the Netherlands.

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